What We Build



Rockwell Building Systems has been the leader in the Tampa Bay area for shell construction and has been trusted by many home builders to build thousands of single family and multi-family homes for the past 10 years.  Rockwell is constantly looking for innovations in the home building industry and always strives to be on the cutting edge while still maintaining our integrity, quality, and safety.  Throughout each step of the shell construction process, Rockwell's customers can expect a full service experience.  Our project managers will be there throughout the slab, masonry, and frame to ensure the home is being built to plan with excellent vendors and materials and being completed safely and on time.  The office staff works with our suppliers to make sure we are offering the best products and prices.  We provide a full turnkey service to help insure that projects will be completed on time and to our quality standards.  In the office and in the field, the Rockwell team works together to minimize costs and additional stresses to our customers.  


One way Rockwell is staying a step ahead of our competitors in the safety department is by utilizing our sister company, Forward Thinking Solutions, to install WallWalkers on every home we build.  "WallWalkers provide a safe work platform from tops of walls, roofs, windows, and other hard-to-reach places.  It eliminates the need to construct wooden and non-engineered makeshift scaffolding or heavy steel alternatives that are not OSHA compliant." This was taken from the Forward Thinking Solutions website, which can be found here.